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Can Corpus Christi impact the whole world for the glory of God?  YES!  While we strive to be a racially diverse, and generationally diverse body of believers, this is possible if we are intentional about our relationships with:


  The presence of both NAS Corpus Christi/CC Army Depot and NAS Kingsville means that those singles, couples, and families who are stationed here will be entrusted to us for a time, and then will disperse across the nation and potentially the world.  Let's provide them a church home where they can hear the Gospel, grow as disciples, and make disciples wherever the Lord sends them next!


  Texas A&M Corpus Christi and Del Mar College have a student population that is begging for Gospel-centered influence.  Within the student population is a significant group of international students.  Like the military families, these students will find themselves spreading across the world after they have completed their education.  There is also a large segment of students who are seeking health-care or education related careers.  Let's share truth and the love of Christ with our city's students and equip them to be thriving disciples, and they will, in turn, share that love of Christ with those they touch on a daily basis, whether in hospitals, doctor's offices, or schools.

Young Families

  Over half of Corpus' population is under the age of 35.  Most of these are school-age children.  Where there are lots of children, there are lots of young families.  At the same time, Corpus Christi residents express that one of the most common concerns is divorce/marital trouble.  Let's influence dads with the Gospel, so that they can become loving, godly leaders of their families.  If we can effectively redeem the hearts and minds of the men through Christ, we can positively change families as a whole!  Let's encourage moms to be Christ honoring women who respect and love their husbands and find joy in raising their children together.  Let's build up single parents and equip them, and all parents, with biblical tools to raise their children in the knowledge of the Lord. Let's be purposeful as we care for and influence children by giving them Scripture-rich opportunities to learn of our Creator who has woven his plan for salvation throughout the ages!


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