What We Do

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Worship Gatherings

            We gather corporately for Worship as a body of believers, just as Scripture commands. The preaching is text-driven (expository) through books of the Bible, so that people hear the Truth of Scripture rather than the opinions and thoughts of one flawed man. The environment will be casual and inviting, but also intentionally reverent and Christ-centered. We want people to feel welcomed and loved, but not so comfortable that they are not convicted and moved by what they have heard and experienced. The purpose for our corporate gathering is to worship a Holy and Righteous God, and the elements of our services including music, Scripture reading, prayer, preaching, and communion must reflect the Holiness of God and the supremacy of Christ. Non-Christians should feel welcomed in our services, understand what is happening, and have an opportunity to respond to the Gospel. 

 Community Groups

            In order to build a Biblical community, the people of the church need to form meaningful relationships with each other. Fellowship means much more than just eating together and talking, although we will do a lot of that.  While the large group gathering is vital to the growth of the church, we must also break up into smaller groups at times so that we can truly do life with each other. These small gatherings will focus on study of Scripture, prayer, applying Truth to daily life, and encouraging each other along the way. These groups will also be one of the main tools that we will use for caring for each other during times of celebration (like births and weddings) and times of crisis (illness and loss). As we build community as a church we also want to have an impact on the community of Corpus Christi. These groups will be active in serving our city by feeding the poor and meeting various needs of families in the city. We must love our city and do everything we can to share the love of Christ.

Missional Training

It is our desire that every member of the church be fully equipped to live missionally. One of the most challenging parts of the Great Commission is found in verse 20 of Matthew 28:

“Teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you …” (ESV).

Making disciples involves not only conversion, but also training people to understand the full teachings of Christ. Theological study is not limited to an elite group like pastors and group leaders. Everyone can and must have a grasp of theology, so that solid doctrine can be passed from generation to generation. We will create environments for people to learn theology, church history, evangelism, bible study methods, etc. 

If we do this well, we will be producing disciple-makers and developing our own pastors/leaders, and even sending them off to plant churches and lead ministries. There will be a clear process for those wanting to become members of the church, and we want membership to really mean something.

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